domenica 10 agosto 2008

IN CHINA...........


The Chinese, who have had 5,000 years to evolve into an enlightened society, have instead chosen to perpetrate some of the most heinous acts of cruelty know to mankind, against innocent non-human beings. BOYCOTT!!!

ALL Chinese goods, and asking family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, groups and anyone else who will listen, NOT TO PURCHASE CHINESE PRODUCTS or visit Beijings upcoming 2008 Summer Olympics.

Massive, systematic cruelty, and extremely inhumane killing methods are used, involving severe panic, trauma and needless prolonged suffering.

Dogs are tied up short by a thin wire metal tight around the neck so that they can hardly move, then stabbed in the groin area, blood begins to pour. With every move, the wire cuts deeper into their throats as they struggle in terror and pain desperately trying to escape in a pool of blood.

The lucky ones bleed to death before being skinned, but often dogs are alive and fully conscious dying slow excruciating indescribable deaths. As each dog is killed other dogs can hear the screams and cries. All that matters to the killers, is that this method of slaughter causes least damage to the dogs fur - preserving its market value.

German Shepherd dogs are the most commonly killed dogs in China, as their fur resembles the fur of wild animals such as coyote or raccoon - the same courageous and noble breed that guides the blind and does search and rescue, these intelligent and loyal dogs are being bred in huge numbers in the north of China.

Cats fare no better than dogs in China, the cats are killed by being hung by the neck from a piece of rope that tightens as the cats struggle causing them to eventually suffocate. Sometimes the cats are hung from a wire while water is poured down their throats through a hose until they drown.

Long haired cats are kept as pets in China, yet ironically an estimated 500,000 short haired cats, mainly ginger or tabby coloured are raised for their pelts, estimated figures are that about a half million cats are killed each season from October to February.

Cat fur is hard to distinguish from other furs once it has been dyed - President of a German company prominent in the cat fur trade. Innocent cats, many of them stolen pets, are slowly and cruelly strangled while other cats watch, all await the same fate.


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